When we want to buy a good quality product, we often look for something with international brand name. In 60% cases(purchases), we actually get the good quality product, “but” in 40% cases(purchases) we just get blinded by the brand name due its expensive marketing and buy less expensive products at very high prices.

Question: How to buy good products “without” wasting my hard earned money?
Answer: Think Logically, more than 85% of products in the world are made in Asia among which India supplies pretty decent quantities for Shoes, Apparels and Home Decor. High End Brands like Superdry, Zara, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc. are manufacturing a good fraction of there stock in India. These Indian Manufacturers/Vendors produce not only for the other brands but for their own national brands too which are sold at about half the price of what these big giants sell off.

Question: How to reach to these good quality producers/manufacturers to save my money?
Answer: Simple, shop at mall499.com

At mall499.com, you will get the limited and tested made in India products with the best price ever!! Mall499 is the first online shopping mall to help you bring such deals that you have never seen before.

Prices are so low that you can, “easily buy one to easily try one”.

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